Contrax International

   Manufacturers, Exporters & Buying/Sourcing House located in Shanghai (China) and dealing in Textiles and Hard Goods item

    Our valued expertise & experience in sourcing and technical fields, have helped us gain an in-depth understanding of textiles, hence we offer the ultimate solution to our buyers for excellent sourcing from China and neighboring South East & Far East asian countries.
    We believe, the primary reason for our success though is the people that  work at Contrax International. Their knowledge, experience, capabilities, and especially their dedication and compassion are what make the difference here.

How we work:

  • We create an entire program for our customers by specifying the “product mix” and “production schedule”.
  • We work with factories to plan and monitor production, coordinate the logistics to ensure on-time delivery, control the quality at various stages of production.
  • In other words, we work on long-term contracts with our suppliers to ensure timely flow of materials.

How we can start:

  • Give us details of the product that is required: specs, design, pattern
  • One of our merchandiser will contact you & provide you with one or more quotation
  • If our quote is accepted, we arrange samples
  • If approved, an order is  placed  and then we will supervise  all stages to completion.

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